B.Sc. Visual Communication

Visual Communication

Duration: 3 years - Under Graduate Program

The under-graduate program in Journalism and Communication Studies is specifically designed to meet the requirements of the futuristic media scene. The institute cradled a unique integrated course in media studies combined with the right blend of computer application skills as well as providing a firm background in social, behavioral and policy sciences.

image With this hands on, practical training in the technical departments of Film making, a prospective director becomes much more than a generalist, S/he becomes a specialist with an inside knowledge of each and every technical process of film making. Such knowledge is critical to the survival & success of new directors, since film making itself is becoming much more technical nowadays & workflows are becoming more & more complicated.

Syllabus Overview :

First Year
  • I Language Paper- I
  • II English Paper - I
  • Introduction to Communication
  • Writing for Media
  • Advertising

Second Year
  • I Language Paper II
  • II English Paper II
  • Communication Media
  • Graphic Production
  • Photography
  • Practical I: Print Production
  • Practical II Photography

Third Year
  • Audiography
  • Commercial Broadcasting
  • Elements of Film & Video Production
  • Commercial Production
  • Video Production