MA Journalism and Mass Communication


The aim of Journalism and Mass Communication course is to teach honest and progressive journalism to the students and to remove the veil of darkness and ignorance from the society. Our main purpose is to make journalism an effective medium of mass awakening and to strengthen the fourth pillar of democracy.

drona film school With this hands on, practical training in the technical departments of Film making, a prospective director becomes much more than a generalist, S/he becomes a specialist with an inside knowledge of each and every technical process of film making. Such knowledge is critical to the survival & success of new directors, since film making itself is becoming much more technical nowadays & workflows are becoming more & more complicated.

Syllabus Overview :

I - Year

  • Introduction to Communication
  • Reporting
  • Editing
  • Media History , Laws & Ethics
  • Broadcast Journalism

II - Year

  • Theories of Communication
  • Development Communication
  • Marketing Communication
  • Print Production Technologies
  • Film Studies and Photography