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Team Drona

Dream Makers of Drona Film School
team member
Joe Geo
Managing Director & CEO

We have not created this initiative for ourselves, but for the entire media industry. We are creating the world’s best film and media school, right here in India.
Our school has a specialized curriculum that combines theory with practical application under the mentorship of experienced industry professionals.

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Dr. Biju
Chief Executive Advisor - DFS

The purpose of the the Drona Film School is to train and give students the skills to take up positions in the film industry. We run a very hands on and practical course, recognized as a training institution within South Indian Film Industry.
The advanced Diploma Courses offered by us covers directing, writing, editing, camera, lighting, sound, Still Photography, Graphics and Visual Effects. Students will complete a number of small individual projects throughout the year, as well as larger individual assignments such as planning and shooting a music video and a documentary.

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Shejith Allure
Course Coordinator - DFS

Learning to be a filmmaker isn't something that can be taught from a book. Here at The Drona Film School you learn-by-doing, through a combination of hands-on experience and visiting tutors who are experts in their fields, and enough supporting theory to backup the practical applications.
Thus DFS aims to prepare students in a realistic and practical way to take up a career in the film industry.

team member
Martin Prakkat
Chief of Photography - DFS

The curriculum is designed in such a way that the right candidate will get right training according his taste.
As the course progresses, students are given assistance to select the area(s) of the industry in which they wish to seek employment and thus they get opportunities to work in these specific areas on student productions. This method enables maximum visibility for the student during the time of placement.